Light Conversation Pieces

PHM | Handmade in Piemonte invites international galleries to develop unique objects together with a represented designer and a Piedmontese artisan. MANIERA invited Italian architecture firm piovenefabi to work with the brothers Silvio and Ambrosio Versino specialized in the extraction and processing of Luserna, a dense metamorphic stone typical of Val di Susa – the geological term is ‘gneiss’.

‘Light Conversation Pieces’ is a series of small monolithic stools and coffee tables made of ‘gneiss’. As a set of geological samples, the pieces give tangible form to the tectonics of the Piedmont Alps; the combination of a rough top and smooth sides reveals the degree of compression and makes the stratification of the stone visible. The blocks sculpted in the mass, connect lightly with the ground: in this way, this ensemble of volumes twists into a series of micro-architectures that negotiate an ideal urban environment.

In the framework of Operæ 2017